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What is Shearling Jacket - Your Complete Guide for 2023

What is Shearling Jacket - Your Complete Guide for 2023

What is Shearling Jacket - Your Complete Guide for 2023

Shearling jackets are essential winter outerwear pieces. Their versatility means they can easily transition between casual wear such as baggy jeans and ballet flats or more formal ensembles like leather midi skirts or sleek leather midi coats, as well as dressed-up looks such as cocktail attire.

Shearling jackets remain one of the few timeless fashion staples, making a comeback through Steve McQueen and Tom Cruise in Top Gun respectively. Its popularity can be attributed to being both rugged and refined - qualities emphasized by both actors wearing one.

Is Shearling the Warmest Jacket?

Shearling jackets are timeless winter wardrobe classics that are built to stand the test of time. Like camel wool coats, belted trench coats and practical down-filled puffers, shearling designs are among the hardest-wearing pieces you could add to your collection.

Sheepskin provides natural insulation, trapping air pockets to regulate body temperature. Furthermore, its strength makes it the ideal material for shearling coats.

Hollywood was instrumental in popularizing shearling jackets during the 1950s and '60s, with films like Marlon Brando's The Wild One and James Dean's Rebel Without a Cause featuring them prominently as rebellious statements and further fueling this fashion trend.

Search "shearling jacket" into the search bar at MR PORTER and you will be presented with an array of choices, mostly in black or brown hues. Acne Studios takes an innovative approach by employing color and detailing. Or choose Brunello Cucinelli for luxurious shearling coats made of the finest sheepskin featuring premium features.

Are Shearling Jacket Still in Style in 2023?

Shearling  leather jackets remain a timeless winter fashion must, thanks to their combination of warmth and fashion-forward style. In 2023, you can expect even more shearling jackets in wardrobes from designers such as Tom Ford of Dark Knight fame and Olivier Rousteing from Balmain to make these iconic garments fashionable again, while rising stars Bianca Saunders and Yoon Ahn are making the trend their own by mixing it with denim or corduroy fabrics.

Beginning as a practical choice among ranchers and outdoorsmen in the 1930s and 40s, shearling soon gained wide appeal after its introduction into mainstream culture by films like The Wild One and Giant featuring Marlon Brando and James Dean wearing shearling bomber jackets. Today you can find shearling jackets ranging from luxury options by Isabel Marant and Proenza Schouler to more budget options on the High Street.

Are Shearling Jackets Worth Buying?

Shearling jackets make an excellent addition to any wardrobe, as they're versatile enough for all weather. Just be sure to pair your shearling coat with the appropriate outfit - such as pairing it with casual pieces such as tee shirts and khaki pants or dress shirts with black monk strap shoes for more formal events.

Real shearling coats may be costly, but their investment pays dividends as they last for years and look better each time you wear it. Furthermore, shearling jackets are made to withstand harsh winter temperatures without losing their shape.

If you're searching for a luxurious yet functional shearling jacket, take a look at Acne Studios Marshal Jacket. This upmarket take on military field jacket combines shearling and leather for an appealing blend. Shearling jackets have long been known to showcase both its rugged yet contemporary natures; Acne Studios Marshal jacket encapsulates that with this design.

Can You Wear Shearling Jackets in the Rain?

Shearling jackets should only be worn during mild rain or snow conditions, however if the precipitation becomes more substantial they should be taken off immediately and removed before being exposed to direct rainfall. You can brush the jackets to remove water spots. They should never be washed in the dryer as this could damage it further; rather it should be patted dry using an absorbent cloth and patted dry until completely dry.

Shearling jackets can be worn with many ensembles, from formal attire like black turtlenecks and boots to more casual combinations like T-shirts and sneakers.

Shearling is an attractive material that flaunts its animal origins while still exuding luxuriousness. A shearling jacket in lighter hues can make an excellent addition to any winter wardrobe.

Are Shearling Jackets Expensive?

Shearling jackets may be more costly than faux shearling (usually made of cheaper split suede and wool) but are still reasonably affordable compared to high-end leather coats. Shearling is made from sheep skin tanned with its hair still attached, providing breathability and flexibility that fur doesn't while still offering warmth for wintertime protection.

Shearling fabric is both comfortable and long-wearing, making it the ideal material for flight crews in freezing-cold air temperatures. Shearling jackets first gained widespread use during World War I when pilots and military personnel needed durable yet warm clothing in freezing-cold climates.

Shearling jackets remain a top trend among fashion-savvy men today. Perfect for both casual wear and sophisticated ensembles alike, shearling jackets provide unrivalled warmth despite their bulkiness.

Final Thoughts

Shearling jackets have long been a winter wardrobe essential, becoming even more prevalent after World War II when Leslie Irvin introduced shearling-lined bomber jackets as an innovative response to aviation advancements that allowed pilots to reach sub-zero altitudes without proper insulation. Hollywood was instrumental in popularizing this style as well, thanks to rakish turns by Marlon Brando in On the Waterfront and James Dean wearing his ranch coat in Giant.

Now there are a variety of shearling jackets to choose from. Shearling-lined bomber jackets from brands like Stio offer rugged Western flair while Reiss offers an aviator-style shearling coat ideal for layering over navy tees and jeans. Zara provides a shearling-lined denim jacket ideal for layering over almost anything while ASOS has one specifically suited to casual looks with hoodies or T-shirts - though tan remains most common among shearling options! Tan hued shearling remains more popular; black can look sharp if lining dyed to match its outer material material.

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