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Sheepskin Jackets & Coats

Sheepskin jackets and coats combine elegance with casual style for the ideal winter outerwear solution, providing ultimate comfort even if you have sensitive skin.

Sheepskin wraps your body like an extension of yourself and feels almost like a blanket, providing contoured support. Water-repellant and moisture wicking properties keep body temperatures balanced by keeping excess moisture at bay and the temperature regulated.

Material & Quality

Shearling coats made with premium-grade skins and durable stitching can last years without wearing out, unlike their faux shearling counterparts. Real sheepskin retains body heat while drawing perspiration away from the skin for optimal use in different climate conditions.

Shearling coats add ruggedness and masculinity to your look, making you stand out from the pack. Rugged outdoorsmen, ranchers and chair-bound cowboys will appreciate its classic design with western features such as front/back yokes, 3" roll cuffs and notched collar.

Shearling jackets lend your appearance a sense of nobility and grace thanks to their slim draping cutting and western fashionable style. Wear it with Shetland sweater and cord pants for the preppy look!

Design and Style of Sheepskin Jackets

Sheepskin is an exceptional material that combines durability and lightweight comfort, offering uniform looks in all climates while helping regulate body temperatures. Additionally, sheepskin jackets can add versatility and style with their classic silhouette that suits casual or elegant settings.

A sheepskin jacket's design and style can vary significantly depending on its maker and the types of hides used. Some shearling coats employ thinner and softer pelts while others feature coarser or longer hairs. A coat maker may also add various finishes that impart more or less suede texture to their shearling jacket.

Some shearling coats feature additional types of leather or fabric linings, like goatskin or cotton. For instance, the rugged Jack Frost shearling jacket is constructed using French Kildare goatskin and Spanish Merino shearling that comes together to form a thicker and warmer jacket than would otherwise be possible using only one skin type.

Color Palette of Sheepskin Flying Jacket

Sheepskin flying jackets come in an assortment of colors, the most popular being brown. These stylish jackets pair perfectly with jeans or casual men's clothing as well as chinos or sweaters; and are available in black and blue shades too!

Shearling coats (also called shearling jackets) feature an outer thick skin with soft fur insulation to provide warmth and protection from wind, rain and snow. Most often made of wool or a blend of materials like polyamide or cotton.

Monty Goodson, Overland's product development manager and member of their retail team, provides insight into why shearling coats have become such an international phenomenon, particularly among mountainous regions. According to him, sheepskin provides a comfortable fit and feeling of familiarity and warmth, making shearling an obvious choice for those who enjoy exploring open roads and outdoor adventures; lightweight shearling jackets make layering easier too!

Outfit Ideas For Sheepskin Jackets and Coats

Sheepskin coats are an indispensable necessity for those traveling to cold climates or spending time in mountainous environments. Their rugged yet luxurious nature appeals to many cultures, while they can easily match with various fashion attires.

In general, an effective sheepskin coat should fit reasonably close to your body with some room for layering up. Some designs even combine leather or suede exterior layers with Merino wool inner layers for added warmth and comfort.

Shearling jackets make an ideal complement for casual-style ensembles, particularly when combined with a flannel shirt and jeans. A knitted roll neck sweater adds texture while a plain woolen scarf provides warmth while adding visual interest.

Sheepskin coats make an excellent pairing with rugged boots and a newsboy hat, creating an ensemble reminiscent of what brave Second World War pilots wore during battle - exuding confidence and masculinity at once.