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Each bomber jacket produced by 3amoto Leather contains distinguishable historical flight jacket characteristics and a variety of styling options to fit individual tastes.

The MA-1 was the first pilot jacket to enter civilian wear, according to the classic MA-1. For those seeking a historical bomber jacket appearance and a heavier type for cold weather, 3amoto Leather Heritage MA-1 bomber jacket is perfect. It adheres to traditional military criteria. Additionally, there are hooded, slim-fit, seasonal colour, and limited-edition collaboration versions of the MA-1 available.

3amoto Leather hooded bomber jackets include a nylon hood and a lightweight outer shell, making them ideal for spring weather. The quilted lining of the hooded MA-1 bomber jacket makes it perfect for colder climates. Our whole line of bomber jackets is water-resistant.

Sherpa :
3amoto Leather B-3 sherpa bomber jackets are lined with fleece and made of either genuine or imitation distressed leather. They are designed for the coldest weather and were inspired by the first bomber jackets.

Quilted designs are available for both the MA-1 and L-2B bomber jackets. While the quilted L-2B is light enough for spring temps, the quilted MA-1 offers improved insulation for autumn and winter conditions.

Lightweight :
Choose the L-2B, a model made for temperatures between 42 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit, if you're seeking for a lightweight bomber jacket. This nylon bomber jacket has a traditional oxygen tab feature and is water resistant. It comes in hooded, quilted, and loose-fitting variations for an oversized appearance.