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What are the Differences between Shearling coats for men and women?

What are the Differences between Shearling coats for men and women?

What are the Differences between Shearling coats for men and women?

For both men and women, there are many different types of coats out there. There are some things that make them different, while the other things are common elements in them. Shearling refers to the soft, thick undercoat of hair that covers the lamb's back and you can buy high quality Shearling coats from the 3amoto. Know what makes these types of coats unique and how they differ from one another. Find out all about the differences between Shearling coats for men and women.


A men's Shearling coat is generally longer than a woman's coat. Women's Shearling coats are generally shorter than men's coats. Also, women's coats tend to have shorter sleeves than men's coats.

Men's coats have a higher collar and a shorter sleeve length. Women's coats have a lower collar and a longer sleeve length.


A man's coat is often worn over a suit jacket, while a woman's coat is usually worn without a jacket. Women's coats are usually lighter in weight and thinner than men's coats.

Men's coats tend to be heavier than women's coats, and they're usually made of thicker materials. Women's coats are often made of finer fabrics, and they are usually less bulky than men's coats.


Men's coats have plenty of add-ons, such as pockets. Pockets are useful for storing small items like keys, coins and cards. Women's coats tend to have fewer pockets than men's coats, with the pockets appearing to be smaller and not as deep.

Most women's coats do not have buttons, zippers, or pockets. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. Anyway, men's coats tend to have more buttons than women's coats.


Tight fitting coats tend to be more flattering than loose fitting coats. Loose fitting coats make people look bigger than they really are. Men's coats tend to be less tight-fitting than women's coats. Women's coats are often fitted while men's coats are often loose-fitting.

Men's coats appear closer to being straight than women's coats. Straight coats happen to be more fitted than curved coats. Curved coats tend to be looser fitting than straight coats.

Are Shearling Jackets Worthwhile?

Of course! Lambskin shearling is used to make high-end jackets, coats, gloves, hats and other items.

Sheepskin has been worn as outerwear since the prehistoric era, when fur was necessary for survival. More recently, during World War I, tough, incredibly warm sheepskin bomber jackets were created to safeguard pilots who operated non-insulated airplanes in subfreezing temperatures. Throughout World War II, sheepskin was still being used to make military clothing.

Shearling made the transition from military use to contemporary fashion, making appearances on the catwalk, in street apparels and in many outdoor enthusiasts' cold-weather wardrobes.

It is not advised that you wear Shearling frequently in the rain (due to damage concerns), although, if you are unfortunate enough to get caught in a storm, you can be assured that it will fend off water and dry quickly at room temperature. Keep your shearling coats dry, to avoid mildew, and leave the washing to professionals who are experts in cleaning leather.

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