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Why Shearling leather jackets are in a league of their own?

Why Shearling leather jackets are in a league of their own?

Why Shearling leather jackets are in a league of their own?

A shearling jacket is made from sheepskin, which is commonly referred to as lambskin. Lambskin is soft, supple, and warm. It is also naturally waterproof. Because of these qualities, shearling jackets are perfect for people who spend time outside in wet weather conditions. These jackets have been around since the early 1900’s and continue to be popular today. Why exactly are Shearling leather jackets in a league of their own? Read on and find out.


Shearling is durable. Sheepskin is tough, strong, and long-lasting. It is not only great for keeping you warm in cold temperatures, but it also lasts longer than other types of leather. In fact, shearling is resistant to water, chemicals, oil, and grease. If you spill something on the inside of a shearling jacket, it will not soak right through. Instead, the material will dry out and become stain-resistant.

Look for shearling leather jackets from top online stores like the 3amoto Leather Store, which come with the promise of durability, high quality and superior comfort.


Shearling is comfortable. Sheepskin is naturally breathable. That means that it does not trap moisture inside the coat. This makes it ideal for people who want to stay cool while they work. You do not need to worry about sweating in a shearling jacket either. Since it is breathable, it keeps you dry even if you get hot.

Rihanna, Irina Shayk, Selena Gomez, Keira Knightley, Alexa Chung and Hailey Bieber are some of the top celebrities who can often be found to dress up in jackets and coats made of shearling leather fabric.


Shearling is stylish. When you wear a shearling jacket, you look good doing it. Shearling is fashionable. There is nothing wrong with looking good, especially when it comes to fashion. Whether you are going to work or hanging out at home, wearing a shearling jacket adds style to your outfit. Plus, it looks amazing paired with just about anything. It is a staple in many Fall and Winter designer collections.


Shearling is versatile. Shearling coats are suitable for both men and women. Women can choose between a short-sleeved version or a long-sleeved one. Men can opt for a collarless option or a buttoned down version. No matter what type you choose, you will always look sharp.


Shearling is affordable. While shearling coats are not cheap, they are still much less expensive than equivalent quality leather options. Plus, shearling is easier to care for. All you need to do is hand wash it with soap and water. No special treatments are necessary.

Eco friendly

Shearling is environmentally friendly. Shearling is made from natural materials. Therefore, it is kinder to the environment. Plus, it is biodegradable. Shearling is not toxic or harmful to the earth. It is eco-friendly. Sheepskin is renewable. That is one of the biggest reasons to wear this type of apparel.


Shearling is timeless. Shearling is classic. It has been around for decades and continues to be popular among men and women the world over.

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