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What is Shearling Coat? Your Complete Guide for 2023

What is Shearling Coat? Your Complete Guide for 2023

What is Shearling Coat? Your Complete Guide for 2023

No matter your style or taste, shearling has returned with refreshed silhouettes to both runways and streets alike.

Shearling wool acts as a natural insulator to regulate body temperature. Additionally, its water-resistant properties ensure it can endure harsh weather conditions.

Is Shearling the Warmest Coat?

Shearling coats and jackets are stylish winter staples that add luxurious appeal. However, shearling leather can have negative environmental impacts as well as ethical considerations that some consumers may have regarding wearing animal products.

Sheepskin is an eco-friendly material with natural insulating properties that helps you stay warm during cold weather. But the process of raising sheep for their fur can be harmful to them and lead to unscrupulous shearling production.

Animal cruelty-conscious shoppers have many faux-shearling options available. Acne Studios, for example, modernizes classic shearling silhouettes by adding contemporary details and colors while remaining true to their minimal design ethos.

Flight jackets are one of the more commonly worn shearling styles, often to an overexposure reminiscent of Del Boy on the back of a lorry; however, duster and parka jackets with longer shearling can work just as well; shearling bomber jackets offer another great option which can be dressed up or down depending on what outfit is chosen to pair them with jeans and sneakers.

Are Shearling Coats Still Style in 2023?

Shearling coats are timeless wardrobe essentials that never go out of fashion. Not only are they extremely warm and look chic when worn, they are also an easy way to add a luxurious feel to any ensemble.

Real shearling jackets may be more costly, but the investment will last you for many years or decades. If your ethical or environmental concerns prevent this purchase from being viable however, there are still options which provide warmth without damaging the environment.

As is evident by this season's designs from some of the biggest designers - Khaite and Loewe both showcased shearling-collared bomber jackets in their fall/winter 2022 collections, while Reiss created a shearling duffle coat featuring faux-fur trim that references traditional designs; furthermore Levi's classic trucker jacket featuring sherpa collar has gained widespread appeal among fashionistas.

Are Shearling Coats Worth Buying?

Shearling coats offer warm, cozy warmth without compromising style, making them a top choice for cold weather conditions. Choose between long robe-inspired styles or cropped jackets--real shearling is one of the greatest insulators available in outerwear!

Shearling jackets have quickly become an indispensable piece in many men's wardrobes thanks to their timeless aesthetic and adaptable nature. Shearling jackets can easily transition between casual wear like jeans or formal events like business conferences. Though shearling jackets may be expensive at first glance, they make an excellent investment that will last many years!

Real shearling is more durable and will age better over time than faux fur, however to ensure long term use you should select one crafted with quality materials - otherwise it could wear quickly or lose its soft texture.

Can You Wear Shearling Coats in the Rain?

Shearling is highly water resistant, as well as moisture absorbing, so no worries are involved with getting wet or muddy - simply shake it off to restore its condition!

Though traditionally associated with rough, rugged clothing, shearling can still feel modern and sophisticated if worn correctly. Take, for instance, Pernille Teisbaek's luxurious take on a flight jacket worn over jeans and ankle boots as the ultimate weekend wardrobe essential.

Flight jackets are probably the most sought-after shearling styles, although you may also find long shearling overcoats and dusters with an Brokeback Mountain meets Wyoming kind of aesthetic. Or choose more modernized styles like bomber jackets and vests with shearling panels to give it an oversized appearance.

Are Shearling Coats Expensive?

Shearling coats may be costly, but they make a fashionable and practical addition to any winter wardrobe. Constructed of high-quality materials that last years with proper care, shearling jackets provide warmth even on coldest of winter nights.

Sheepskin is naturally water resistant, meaning that when it rains or snows it won't become humid or damp. If your shearling coat does get wet it is important to let it fully dry out before wearing again or use waterproof spray to provide added moisture protection.

Shearling coats make an elegant yet comfortable outfit and are often combined with jeans or chinos and rugged boots for maximum effect. You can add extra warmth by layering a fleece underneath your shearling coat, while custom enamel pins provide a unique way of personalizing and accessorizing it further.

Final Thoughts

The shearling jacket stands out as an iconic winter wardrobe piece that never goes out of fashion.

Shearling is made from sheep or lamb skin tanned with its wool still attached, providing a luxuriously soft surface to rest upon while helping regulate body temperature and keep you warm.

Shearling coats add an instant layer of luxury to minimalist winter looks. From Gucci bombers and Pernille Teisbaek aviator coats, to layering black maxi slip dresses over chunky boots for casual chic looks - shearling jackets make a statement!

Shearling has made its mark in cinema and celebrity culture alike, from Steve Buscemi's character in Fargo to Tom Hardy's performance as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises - with Sly Stallone even sporting one as Rocky IV!

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