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Shearling Jacket Buying Guide

Shearling Jacket Buying Guide

Shearling Jacket Buying Guide

When purchasing a shearling jacket, it's crucial that you pay careful attention to measurements and sizing in order to get one that fits comfortably and complements your physique.
While trendy styles may tempt us, timeless silhouettes will outlive their popularity over time. Aim for timeless shearling jackets without eye-catching details for maximum longevity.

Understanding Shearling Jackets

Shearling is an ideal material to keep you warm in even the harshest climates, due to its natural insulating qualities. Durable yet easy to care for, shearling is also durable enough for everyday wear - but remember it requires different treatment than other leather materials and shearling jackets are typically heavier due to more insulation.

Consider which style of shearling jacket you want when making your purchase decision. Flight jackets have more military-inspired style that gives off an air of Maverick flair; on the other hand, bombers offer more fashionable appeal that pairs nicely with tailored pants and crisp shirts.
Shearling jackets come in various colors, though neutral ones such as black or brown are typically preferred due to their classic and timeless nature or because it makes shopping for one easier.

Choosing the Right Style

Shearling jackets add timeless luxury to any ensemble, perfect for cold days when staying warm is key. However, shearling should not be used solely as an expression of fashion - rather, pair with other comfortable pieces such as knitted tops and trousers/jeans as well as boots to achieve optimal comfort levels.
Make the most out of your shearling jacket by selecting a style that complements you - for instance, full-length shearling coats may be better suited for cold temperatures while shorter styles might suit warmer climates better.
Shearling jackets have grown increasingly popular over time due to their versatile nature and classic elegance. You can spot this trend everywhere from street style outfits and celebrity style photos, often pairing shearling jackets with denim; to more elegant combinations such as wearing one over a fitted silk dress.

Finding Your Perfect Fit

When entering "shearling jacket" into MR PORTER's search bar, you will be presented with many lovely options - most are, to my eye anyway, black or other dark shades; this choice could be down to personal taste but also due to how dark colors help hide marks and blemishes more effectively than lighter hues do.
However, there are plenty of alternatives to this dark hued rule if you prefer more refined shearling coats. Rag & Bone offers an elegant shearling bomber jacket with flap pockets that blends both refined and rugged elements into its design, while Rick Owens, the Lord of Darkness himself offers a shearling-lined biker jacket which captures both brutalist art styles through its design.
There are also faux shearling jackets, which do not involve the use of real animal skins and can be purchased closer to home (thereby helping lessen fashion industry's environmental footprint). If you are considering making this switch, we suggest reading our guide on how to select one with high-quality materials and construction.

Setting Your Budget

Shearling jackets are timeless investment pieces, making them the ideal purchase. However, these warm winter wardrobe essentials can cost quite a bit so before spending all your rent money on one, it is wise to carefully consider your budget before making your decision.
Sheepskin can be expensive when combined with luxe materials like leather or cashmere, but if you're willing to compromise there are more cost-effective solutions out there - for instance Zara offers an affordable faux shearling coat which looks and feels just like the real thing.
Shearling jackets can be bulky, so choose a style that best complements your body type to avoid looking like you are sporting your dad's old flight jacket! For maximum results, try on various styles before making your decision and remember that shearling jackets should be professionally cleaned annually to eliminate dirt and stains.

Evaluating Quality: What to Look For

Shearling jackets make an excellent investment piece to add to your winter wardrobe, providing lasting style and durability for years. When selecting one to purchase, be sure to prioritize quality craftsmanship over cost.
There is an abundance of high-quality shearling coats on the market. To find one with great fit and material quality, pay attention to each brand's size guidelines and size chart.
Make sure to purchase shearling that has been ethically farmed, to ensure it is free from harmful chemicals and in good condition. Once you find an acceptable jacket, treat it carefully and clean it regularly to maintain its best appearance.


Shearling is an extremely durable material, lasting years with proper care. Additionally, its interior wool layer helps insulate against cold temperatures by keeping your body's heat inside your shearling garment.
Shearling jackets quickly gained momentum during the 1950s and 1960s, becoming iconic fashion pieces. Hollywood icons like Marlon Brando wore them in The Wild One while Tom Cruise sported one in Top Gun; wearing shearling became synonymous with rebellion, rugged style, and sense of adventure.
Acne's reputation as a pioneering Norwegian label stands to reason: their shearling jackets are of impeccable quality, and this tan bomber-style number from them is among the finest available. Boasting classic aviator versatility while providing warmth from within with their shearling lining, Acne offers something worth investing in here.

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