Collection: Flying Jackets

Men’s sheepskin flying jackets are warm, comfy and they look fantastic. What’s not to love? 3amoto Leather’s original designs capture the classic look of the flying jacket, also known as aviator or pilot jackets. Modeled after jackets worn by pilots in WWII, our flying jackets are a modern homage to a much-loved style.

Sheepskin flying jackets are some of the warmest leather jackets you can buy, insulated by the natural wool around the collar and, in some designs, on the inside lining. The natural warmth means that these jackets are all you need for a walk in the country or a trip into town, even in the cold British winter. Our designs also feature practical pockets and subtle stitching to enhance both the usefulness and the look of the complete garment.

Whether you’re looking for a hard-wearing RAF-inspired jacket to stave off the windchill and stick with you through thick and thin, or for a fashion piece that will adapt to your wardrobe and tastes, our range of men’s flying jackets